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The Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle: A Must-Have For Your Next Self-Care Sunday

We can think of plenty of good reasons to keep your home stocked full with candles - namely, their delicious aromas and flickering light can transform any space into a zen environment (or as we like to imagine, a secret spa retreat) to help you unwind at the end of a long day. But here's another excuse for candle lovers like us to pick up a few more candles... A warm, velvety-smooth, skin-softening, at-home massage.

But let's just be clear on this before we go any further - using any old candle from your bathroom for a massage will more than likely result in second-degree burns, scars, and possibly a trip to A&E. Don’t. Do. This. We're talking specifically about massage candles. 

So, what exactly is a massage candle and how is it different to a regular candle?

Unlike regular candle wax that can burn you, a massage candle is specially formulated with soy wax that melts at a lower temperature (39 degrees celsius, which is slightly higher than body temperature). When you light the wick, the heat melts the candle into a pool of massage oils that can be poured onto the skin, so you can enjoy sensual time without risking any burns. The soy wax is blended with cocoa or shea butter to create a nourishing and moisturising effect to your skin. We think of it like a CWB (a candle with benefits) and a secret recipe for the most indulgent night in. 

If that's caught your attention but you're still wondering how to use a massage candle, then look no further...

How to use a massage candle

Let the candle burn evenly through while you bask in its sexy glow

The only moderately annoying thing about massage candles is the wait time. When you pour the wax, the wax inside of the candle can burn unevenly, making it difficult to use the candle in the future since there is too much wax on one side and not enough on the other. To avoid this pitfall, light the candle and relax - take a bath, make a cup of tea, or just simply enjoy basking in the sexy glow of the candlelight... (go on, we insist!) - until a whole layer of wax has melted (20-30 minutes depending on the candle).

Blow the flame out before using the wax

You may be wondering how to get the candle wax out of the candle without the candle going out? The answer is that you blow the candle out beforehand! Who knew?! The soy-based wax melts into massage oil that won’t harden up in the blink of an eye like regular candle wax. The wax will instead stay liquefied for about 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to use it.

Pour away...

So, once melted and blown out, simply pour the warm, slightly hot oil directly onto your (or your partner's) skin or into your hand and gently massage in. It's the perfect temperature and requires no cooling before use due to the low melting point of the natural waxes.

Ways you can include a massage candle in your next night in

Nourish, soften and hydrate your skin after a bath or shower

Massage candles are packed full of skin smoothing omegas, vitamins and minerals and are the ultimate way to soothe both your body and soul. Just imagine this... You're eager to unwind after a long day. You set the mood by lighting your new favourite massage candle and hop in the shower to wash away any lingering stress. By the time you come out, your room is filled with a delicious aroma. You blow out the candle, pour the oil into the palm of your hand and proceed to rub it over your body. Your skin (including those dry, rough parts of your body like your elbows, knees and heels) is left feeling smooth and moisturised... Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Massage yourself - or, better still, have someone massage you

Whether you're alone or with a partner(s), a massage candle can help to create a relaxing and intentionally intimate setting. They're also a great introduction to exploring sex toys with a partner(s) - we'll get into that a bit later though... But for now, rubbing each other down is the perfect way to connect with your partner(s). And the good news is, you don’t need to be a trained masseuse for it to feel good. Massages aren’t really a step by step procedure since everybody's body is different, so when it comes to massaging someone else, it’s all about exploring their body and learning what they like, what they love, and what they don't like. Communication is key here!

A good way to alternate the sensation (and give your hands or you partner's hands a break!) is the addition of a personal massager. Using a small, handheld vibrator such as Pom by Dame Products lets you use the massager as an extension of your hand, and you can move in time to the vibration pattern of your choice. Or, if you're looking for more high-powered tension relief, look no further than a wand-style vibrator, such as the Doxy Die Cast Wand (aka. the world's most powerful wand massager) or Lelo's Smart Wand, which has a special SenseTouch™ setting that lets the vibration be controlled by contact with the skin.

If you find yourself without a partner, do not fret! You can have an equally satisfying and pleasurable experience alone with a self-massage, which can help you feel more comfortable in your body. It also allows you the space to gain a better understanding of what feels good for you, which transforms into confidence (and we can never have enough of that!). Plus, taking the time to massage yourself increases circulation, stimulates organ function, helps your body detox, improves sleep, and (as already mentioned) nourishes the skin. Win!

Temperature play

Very quickly before we get more into temperature play... As with any type of play you and your partner(s) might be trying, it really is important to communicate your needs and your boundaries beforehand. You can read more about how to feel more comfortable with communicating with your partner here.

Okay, now back to using candles. Massage candles are some of the most accessible temperature-play options (right after ice cubes maybe), and they can add heaps of fun when with a partner. You can experiment with dripping from different distances above your partner's body - the higher you hold the candle, the cooler it will be when it hits your partner's body. You can tease them with hot drips and then transition into a sensual massage. You can also experiment with different methods of application as each has its own sensation - drips that roll down the body for instance. Just remember, massage oil is not lube and definitely shouldn't be used that way so please keep the oil away from your most delicate areas.

Now go forth and get dripping!