You do you.

When it comes to sensual pleasure, we know that one size doesn't fit all. 

That’s why we offer products imbued with possibility, from luxury lingerie and next-generation sex toys, to intimate wellness accessories and indulgent body care. 

Sophisticated. Straight-up. Free from stigma.

Our aim is to bring together some of the most beautiful, most supportive, and most empowering brands in one place, and make that place sophisticated, straight-up and free-from stigma.

Our carefully curated collection aims to inspire all women to reclaim their bodies and feel amazing in their skin, no matter their size, shape or preferences.

Because we're here to celebrate the female form, champion womanhood in all guises, and encourage you to never feel bad about what makes you feel good.


So, you want to know what makes an Ellen Terrie product?

We carefully hand-select our products based on principles of safety, quality and function, aesthetic beauty, and how they make women feel. Our products are always made from body-safe materials and do not contain harsh chemicals, toxins or potential irritants, ensuring that your experience with Ellen Terrie is totally safe as well as sensual in every possible way.

 Our products are sourced from the most exclusive brands in the industry; brands that share the same principles as Ellen Terrie and represent something truly different by focusing on women’s health, happiness, and confidence; brands that are passionate about their products; and (mostly) brands that are designed solely by women.

We pride ourselves on our transparency, only selling products that we genuinely love. Aside from eliciting waves of excitement when they arrive at the Ellen Terrie HQ’s, our products (and the brands) also exceed all our expectations – many are multi award-winners as well as being considered firm favourites by the most important people… you! 

 You don’t have to be anything but exactly what you are to buy an Ellen Terrie product, so take a moment for yourself and shop our collections now to help you put yourself and your sensuality at the top of your to-do list. 

Welcome to a new era of sensual pleasure for women

Here at Ellen Terrie, we love to share. 

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