A sex therapist's guide to masturbation, pleasure and intimacy (part II): Kate Moyle answers your questions

We all want the key to an amazing, fulfilling and satisfying sex life, whatever that looks like, right? We all wish we could study the formula, jump through the right hoops and crack the perfect code... But we've learnt pretty quickly that few things in life work like that and, even though we can't provide you with the perfect code, we are here to help. 

In Part Two in the series, Kate Moyle answers your most intimate questions and explores a range of sexual health topics. 

A sex therapist's guide to masturbation, pleasure and intimacy (part I): Kate Moyle answers our questions
As with anything related to sex, there are always plenty of questions worth asking that go beyond the basics. They’re usually questions that help us better understand our relationship to pleasure, personal roadblocks to intimacy, and communication with a partner - and, of course, how to have more satisfying orgasms. They're usually the questions that can be uncomfortable to discuss, yet having an open and honest conversation about them can be incredibly helpful in helping people to feel better educated and more comfortable in their sexuality.
This is exactly why we turned to Sexual & Relationship Psychotherapist, Kate Moyle, to answer some of our questions about masturbation, pleasure and intimacy, so we can help everyone get on a path to sexual health, happiness and wellbeing.
Getting out of your head and into your body with Lisa Welsh

Through thought-provoking and mindset-shifting questions, as well as hard-won wisdom (of course!), Lisa Welsh propels and supports open conversations about confidence, body-image, healing, sensuality, food and sex. 

"Why is self-love so important?" you might be asking.  Well, read on because we caught up with Lisa to talk about the importance of self-love, as well as how women can live more embodied and pleasure-filled lives...