About Us.

 Ellen Terrie is a female-founded lingerie and intimate lifestyle brand designed to inspire moments of self-love and self-acceptance so you can be yourself and love yourself unapologetically.


Our Story

"I wanted to create a brand that encouraged women to  take some time in their daily routine to put their own needs first, to reclaim their bodies so they could be themselves and love themselves unapologetically. With an understanding that one woman’s path to doing this is different to the next – an ongoing dialogue that evolves with time - I wanted to offer a variety of products, from underwear and sexual wellness items to intimate body care. I wanted to normalise the choices that women were already making about their bodies with products that elevated their daily routines and made them feel empowered.
However, whether it be underwear or sexual wellness accessories, often these products were, and still are, designed by men and catered to the male gaze rather than being designed and marketed with women’s bodies and needs in mind. But women know women’s bodies better than anyone else, am I right? That’s why I decided to seek out products that were designed by female designers and engineers who kept the women who use them in mind, and bring them all together in one place, and make that place safe, straight=up and totally free from stigma.
Quite simply, I wanted to create an online space that not only celebrates women at the forefront, but behind the scenes too."
Ellen Edwardson, founder

Choose Your Own Adventure 


We pride ourselves on championing diverse, independent, often female-owned and sustainable brands who create their products with love (and a lot of research!). We carefully hand-select our products based on principles of safety, quality and function, aesthetic beauty, and how they make women feel. Our products are always made from body-safe materials and do not contain harsh chemicals, toxins or potential irritants, with many of our brands also incorporating sustainable fabrics, materials and production as much as possible.



Here at Ellen Terrie, it’s not just about our products. We also want to create an opportunity for curiosity and conversation to live, and create an environment where you can feel good about getting to know yourself and feel empowered from that place. That's why you'll often find us having conversations about topics that were once considered taboo in The Self Love Club. So, why not join the club?