Whisper-quiet and 100% waterproof for those intimate bath and shower sessions, Sila is sculpted to fit your body like a glove. Enjoy eight settings - from a delicate, teasing murmur to an explosively satisfying pulse - that offer a new way to experience foreplay. A soft and deep mouth gravitates around and engages your entire erogenous zone, enhancing and elevating your experience. Plus, it spreads vibrations with equal intensity across the clitoris - not just in its centre - for maximum orgasmic sensation. If you enjoy gentle clitoral stimulation and savouring the build up, then the Sila is set to become your new best friend.

Simply apply Lelo's Personal Moisturiser on Sila and your body for enhanced pleasure. Press + button to turn on; start at low and increase vibration strength as you wish. Press ( ) button to switch between the settings to find the one that's right for you.