With a generous serving of your favourite lubricant, the angle, weight, and curvature of the toy will allow you to easily find and apply the needed firm pressure to your G-spot without much work on your end - many enjoy inserting the wand and rocking it back and forth towards their belly button.
The bulbous ends are slightly different sizes - one end is one inch wide, the other is one and a half inches wide - so, if you like feeling full, go big-end first, or if you're new to penetration or looking to explore penetration again (for example, after child birth), opt for the small end first. Being made from stainless steel means this wand is also perfect for temperature play - put it in a glass of hot warm to warm it up or in the freezer to make it cold - and enjoy the different sensations it can offer.
Beyond its functionality as a sex toy, the wand can also be used as a trigger point massager for those achey muscles!