At Ellen Terrie, we've made it our mission to ensure that every experience our customers have is exquisite. That’s why we’ve provided you with a few tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one.


Figuring out her lingerie size & style

It goes without saying that size is important, and the best way to find out your loved ones size is to look in her lingerie drawer (or the wash bag!) to see which items are her real favourites, The sizing is usually a two digit number and a letter, for example 34B, where 34 refers to the back/band size and B to the cup size. If you are unsure, we offer many bra options that are available in a small, medium and large, making these bras ideal to give as a gift. The next step is to find out her bottom size, which will normally be either a small, medium or large.

Take a look at our Lingerie Fitting Room for a size guide if you are unsure.


When it comes to style, does she prefer to wear a balcony bra or a plunge bra, or perhaps a soft triangle bra? Does she wear a brief or thong? Does she wear light, dark or bright colours most? There's nothing to stop you from buying her something different, but don’t stray too far from her basic preferences.  


After something a bit different?

If the traditional bra and briefs set isn’t what you’re after, or you want something to go alongside your gift of lingerie, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. 

Take a look at the Sexual Pleasure & Wellness section on our website. With a mission to encourage women to own their sexual health, heighten intimacy, and close the ‘pleasure gap’, our sex toy edit is sophisticated, straight-up and free from stigma. From the best-selling Vesper Necklace and innovative Eva II Hands-Free Vibrator, to the indulgent and natural Fur Body Care, we've got everything you need.


Listen to your intuition

When you come to look at the beautiful products on our website, you will soon understand which items are the ones forher, and she will love any gift if it has been chosen with love.


Still need help?

We're dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift to make your loved one feel her very best. We understand that every woman is unique and has special requirements, so don't forget that you can contact us with any questions that you may have, we are more than happy to help!