Whether you think the bush is back or skin is in, Fur provide beautiful, natural skin care and hair care for up top, down there, and everywhere in between. Founded by women, Fur work with dermatologists and gynaecologists on each of their products to take great care of hair and the skin that surrounds it, whether you choose to wax, shave, trim, laser, or go au naturale.

Fur Stubble Cream is a fast-absorbing, all-over body moisturiser, designed for use anywhere and everywhere (including the pubic area, underarms, chest, legs and face) using the brand’s signature blend of lightweight oils to gently soften hair, hydrate skin, and clear pores for fewer ingrowns and healthier skin.

Fur’s signature cream blend includes: Olive Extracts that are packed with fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants to soften stubble and naturally make hair appear finer as it grows back; Tea tree oil, a powerful antimicrobial essential oil that eliminates excess sebum in the pores to prevent ingrown, and help in skin repair; Tapioca starch, a fast-absorbing moisturiser extracted from the cassava plant that replaces the silicone found in most lotions; Lavender oil, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial essential oil that soothes and calms redness and post-shaving irritation.