For those who’ve searched high and low for a replacement to the stimulation of oral sex, your quest ends here. Lelo has created the Ora 3 - a ring-shaped toy that simulates the sensation of indulgent oral pleasure.

Featuring PreMotion™ Technology, it uses a firm and precise nub rotating motion, for 25% faster real-feeling oral stimulation, and a mindblowing combination of 12 different vibration patterns and an ultra-smooth rotating node embedded under soft silicone, so you can completely tailor your experience. Even if you’re familiar with a typical vibrator, the combination of these functions results in a totally new sensation that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

A thing of exceptional beauty and pleasure, the genius design of Ora 3 also means it slips into your hand effortlessly, making it comfortable to hold and play with.

Ora 3
Satin Storage Pouch
Warranty Registration Card
Detailed Instruction Manual