Did someone say multiple orgasms?

Providing a completely new kind of no-contact stimulation, the Pro 2 uses pressure wave technology that pulses rhythmically to deliver intense pleasure within minutes of use.

It's not just the way that it's designed that's different though, it's how it feels too. The sensations it produces are vibration-free and are likened to the sensations of oral sex - though unlike oral sex, the intensity, pressure and rhythm is completely controlled by you. The Pro 2 might be the perfect solution if you find direct clitoral stimulation too intense or find the vibrations of other toys have a tendency to be numbing or too powerful. Or if you just fancy trying something different!

An easy to use button interface controls the 11 settings of pulsating and fluttering suctions (from a gentle warm up to VERY intense!) for customisable pleasure, opening a pathway to a whole new dimension of pleasure.