Although created with sex in mind, Überlube is a lubricant that doesn't just stop at sex.

Überlube is a silicone-based, natural lubricant that has a simple four ingredient formula fortified with Vitamin E, nourishing and hydrating any surface that it’s applied to. It's silky-smooth texture creates enhanced sensation while reducing friction, allowing you to feel all the things you want to feel. Body-safe, never sticky, weightless, and super long-lasting, Überlube never steals the show or gets in the way. In fact, you'll even find yourself adding it to your hair to tame, detangle, smooth, and add extra shine, or rubbing on your body before exercising to prevent chafing!

Due to its clean and simple formula, Überlube has been recommended by leading doctors, and is widely used by people with sensitivities to other personal lubricants. With no scent or taste, your body will really thank you for choosing Überlube.