How to feel more confident in the bedroom
If you feel like you’re lacking in sex-confidence, you’re not alone. And, just for the record, there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling that way. There’s a whole host of valid reasons for being shy in the bedroom, including culture, trauma, messages from family, comments from past partners, and body insecurities. All of these things leave you with annoying negative thoughts that pop into your head at the worst moments!
But, you can change this reality - and feel confident in your body, claim your pleasure, and even ask for what you want in bed. Here are 9 of intimacy coach Lisa Welsh's favourite ways to boost confidence in the boudoir. 
What is sexual wellness? Our how-to for practising sexual self-care

What is sexual wellness? How do you practise sexual self care? Here at Ellen Terrie, we think sexual wellness is pretty damn important so we’re here to set the record straight. We're talking about the importance of masturbation, orgasms, and naming our most intimate body parts.

Vagina 101: What every human with a vagina should know
Vaginas and vulvas. We think they're pretty amazing (in fact, we know they are) - they give pleasure, cause pain, and literally give life. So, if you're a human with a vagina, familiarising yourself with... yourself, and giving your most intimate parts the love and attention they deserve can help you avoid uncomfortable issues that may be easily preventable. Ready for our vagina 101? Dive in and read about our top tips for having and caring for your vagina and vulva...  
Sex and your cycle: How your libido changes throughout your menstrual cycle
Whether you want to stick it to your cramps, combat hormone-induced mood swings, or go up against your PMS-induced stress, here are Ohne's top tips for working with your menstrual cycle to get the most out of your sex life. Added bonus? They’re giving you a sex toy recommendation for each stage of the cycle, so you can get frisky in style whether you’re flying solo or partnered up.
Getting out of your head and into your body with Lisa Welsh

Through thought-provoking and mindset-shifting questions, as well as hard-won wisdom (of course!), Lisa Welsh propels and supports open conversations about confidence, body-image, healing, sensuality, food and sex. 

"Why is self-love so important?" you might be asking.  Well, read on because we caught up with Lisa to talk about the importance of self-love, as well as how women can live more embodied and pleasure-filled lives...