Lelo Water-Based Lubricant Moisturiser For Sex - Ellen Terrie

Personal Moisturiser


More than just a personal lubricant, the Lelo Personal Moisturiser is specially formulated to enhance the enjoyment of sensual activities as well as being a subtle moisturiser to your most intimate areas.

Presented in a stylish black bottle, which looks more like a luxury perfume bottle, this long-lasting water-based lubricant has a unique formula containing body-safe ingredients, making it suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive skin.

Fortified with Aloe Vera, known to heal and nourish the skin, this personal moisturiser not only has a luxurious soothing effect, it can also be used as part of your dry skin routine and makes discomfort due to dryness a thing of the past.

Free from glycerine and parabens, as well as being unscented and pH-balanced, it is resembles your body’s natural fluid and is perfect for use with all sensual toys and accessories.

- Water-based personal moisturiser and lubricant
- pH balanced to match the chemistry of your body 
- Non-toxic – Free of glycerine, parabens 
- Body safe – Hypoallergenic, unflavoured, unscented 
- Thin and silky texture
– Non-staining, non-greasy 
– Compatible with all products
For use as a lubricant, Lelo's personal moisturiser can be applied before and or during sex. Apply it on, in and around the vulva and vagina, using fingers to insert the lubricant well into the vagina, as well as to the labia. Apply it on where any dryness occurs and, depending on the severity of your dryness, you may need to use the product more frequently. Lelo's Intimate Lubricant is also very soothing and calms sore, itchy tissues.

Water, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, aloe barbadenis leaf juice, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, tetrasodium EDTA, gurana extract, ginseng extract, avena sativa extract, polysorbate-20, aspartame, polyquarternium-5, PEG-45M, citric acid